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Are financial aids and scholarships really that hard to get? We’ve outlined the six great benefits of scholarships ! Read on and find out how you get a scholarship for your child in one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore!

Education is definitely an essential and increasingly expensive asset. It provides stability in life. Educating students with high standards comes with a cost. Not many students are able to afford a good and high standard education due to their critical financial status. This is where scholarships play a role.

Most of the students look out for financial aids especially for their higher education. However, scholarships for schools are often “underappreciated”. If a student receives any kind of financial support or aid it enables them to access education easier and this is the main reason behind why students must undertake efforts and opt for scholarship. When you are living in cities like Bangalore, availing scholarships and financial aids make more sense for the expenses incurred.

What really is a “Scholarship?

Scholarships are usually financial aids or rewards that are given to students for their unmatched performance in academics, athletics, indoor games, Sports or even other personal reasons. The money that the student acquires in the scholarship is used for the entire school or college year. There are also a few scholarships that are provided to the students for selected schools and colleges. The need for gaining benefits from scholarships has become greater than ever.

However one must keep in mind in our country, The Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resource Development have launched several programs in order to provide financial support for the students of our country. Sadly, there are not many programs for the school children but private schools have filled in this gap and they provide several scholarship schemes and concession policies that relieve the parents of the financial burden.

You might now wonder what really are the benefits of scholarship?Let us scroll you through some benefits of scholarship

We’ve often heard the term “scholarships” but we have a very vague idea of how to avail these scholarships and use it in a beneficial way. Here are the six distinguished benefits of acquiring a scholarship.


    As and when the level of education arises, the fee also increases. It’s an unsaid golden rule that higher the grades we get to, higher the fees we ought to pay. However not many of us are able to access education with these rising rates. This is the one main reason why scholarships are becoming increasingly important. Education is a right and no one should be devoid of it due to their economic or social shortcomings.  It is through scholarships that were given back then, that we see all the doctors, engineers,civil servants in our society. Hence it is clear that if there is an increase in the provision of scholarships, students can get easier access to education.


    When a student acquires a scholarship, he/she is freed of all the financial worries and other probable concerns that automatically leads to improvement in their academic performance. It keeps their mind space free for studies and accelerates the student’s grades. The student also has an abundant amount of time to enhance his/her knowledge and improve their skill set.


    There are several students who dropout their primary education from a good school every year  due to lack of financial support and necessary guidance. It is important that students who have financial problems are identified and provided with the necessary reinforcements so that the dropout rates in the country reduces. With scholarships being provided at an early age in a student’s life, it alleviates the financial burden that is borne to the family and the student has ample time to study and focus on their individual self.


    Like we already know, when a student acquires a scholarship it gives the individual ample time to focus on studying and achieving good grades. Students gain confidence which will help them to plan their career by setting appropriate goals. Students with the help of their scholarship can plan to take up internships too.


    When an individual acquires a scholarship, he or she automatically becomes a life-long recipient. The educational institutions that are a part of will be ever ready to help them in all the challenging situations that occur in their lifetime. Many schools offer scholarships year by year if they maintain good performance with whatever they have got scholarships for. Suppose if a student receives a scholarship for his or her 10th Grade, the student will automatically be financially supported by the institution for further studies without any hesitation. The student is also provided with access to attend workshops and training sessions organized for the purpose of holistic and professional development. The student also gets an opportunity to volunteer at esteemed organizations that boosts up the resume of the student in the future.


    Students who often receive any scholarships or concessions become more empathetic and sensitive and pay heed to social problems prevailing in the society. It turns them into more socially responsible individuals and instills in them a feeling of helping the economically disadvantaged students. There are several student groups who received scholarships during their days of studies and are now immensely contributing towards providing the best student the chance to continue their education and pursue their dreams without any hindrances.

    We have understood that scholarships have a phenomenal impact on the economic and social backgrounds of the individual and the community as a whole. Even though it is a highly competitive process, it is definitely worth every penny!

All this might bring you to the next question, where do I find a good CBSE school that offers such scholarship schemes, financial aids and concession programs for my child?

Well, if you’re looking for a school that assures you of scholarships and concessions for your child’s education, Glentree Academy is the right choice. Glentree Academy is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. Established in the year 2015, Glentree Academy has two branches in the city one in Sarjapur Road and the other in Whitefield. With over 2000+ students, Glentree Academy is one of the leading CBSE schools in the city with a pristine landscape, state of the art facilities, cutting-edge technology and utmost safety and security Glentree Academy has risen over the years to provide just the best to the students.

Glentree Academy has quite a few scholarship schemes and concession programs that are solely designed to provide the students a worry-free learning experience. Let’s have a look at each of these programs and their requirements to be liable to attain one.


The Merit Scholarship that is provided by Glentree Academy is applicable to academically bright students  who are migrating to Glentree Academy from other neighborhood schools or other neighbouring states. The school also conducts an internal assessment test to examine the student’s performance at the time of enrollment. This program requires the student’s previous school reports evidencing their expermalry academic performance. On the provision of the document and the completion of the Internal test conducted by the school with the approval of the management of the school, the student can avail the scholarship. The monetary benefits under this scholarship would be a complete waiver of admission fee and partial waiver of tuition fee.


The Sports Scholarship that is provided  by Glentree is applicable only to students who have represented a recognized sport at the state or the national level. The student must provide proof of participation for the last two years. The student must have participated at the State or National level. On submission of these documents and once the verification is complete the student will have to get the approval of the management of Glentree in order to receive the scholarship. The monetary benefits under the scheme is that the student can avail partial waiver of tuition fee which could possibly extended into the next term as well.


It is a concession program that is provided by Glentree Academy for those students who already have their older siblings studying in Glentree Academy. It is applicable to those students who join along with their siblings in the same academic year or to those who already are present.  Once the student opts for this concession policy, the principal will verify the names of the student’s on rolls. The parents will have to provide birth certificates and other birth records as a proof of their sibling relationship. The monetary benefits under the scheme is that the student avails complete waiver of application fee, 50% discount on admission fee & 15% discount on tuition fee for the youngest sibling.


The staff concession policy is a concession program that is provided by Glentree Academy for those students whose parents are staff members. The staff members must have completed one year of service. On receiving a certificate of approval from the HR Department, the student is eligible for the concession. The student gets a partial waiver of admission fee and tuition fee until the staff remains in the active rolls of Glentree Academy.


The Little Elly Preschool is the feeder school for Glentree Academy. The students of Little Elly can easily obtain admissions in Glentree Academy.This program is applicable to all students seeking admission in Glentree Academy. The students must provide a Bonafide Certificate from Little Elly along with the last progress report. There is a partial waiver of admission fee for the student seeking admission as well as the younger sibling.


This is a tuition fee program that is applicable to all those students who pay the tuition fee in a single installment. On paying the complete tuition fee at one shot, the student automatically can avail 5% concession on tuition fee.

These are six comprehensive scholarship and concession programs laid down by Glentree Academy  which are solely aimed at providing the students the necessary financial aid and support.Glentree Academy is the right choice for your kids !  It is time that you take a wise decision and create a secure future for your beloved ones.

Have any questions? Leave them down in the comment below, we’re more than happy to help you !

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Admission Criteria

The applications submitted would be shortlisted and candidates selected for interview will be informed at the earliest. Please ensure prompt arrival at the venue on the scheduled date of interview. Admission will be based on the following criteria:

Nursery To Grades 5:

On commencement of the admission processes, the school will schedule meetings with the Grade Teacher/ Head of Section for us to understand the child and for parents to have a better understanding of our learning approach. Following this the Provisional Admission letters are issued to students.

Grades 6 and above:

Students will go through a milestone mapping session.

Sports Scholarship


Applicable to students from Grade 5 who have represented a recognised sport at the state or national level

Documents Required

Proof of participation in the last 2 years at State / National Level competitions – Approval to be obtained from Glentree Management.


Application Fee of Rs 500/- to be collected

No Waiver of Admission Fee

25% Waiver of Tuition Fee for the 1st Year only and extended subject to review

Merit Scholarship


Applicable to academically bright students who are migrating to Glentree. Academy from other neighborhood schools from Grade 6 to Grade 9

Documents Required

Progress Report of the previous school evidencing high academic performance at the Internal Assessment Test in Glentree Academy – Approval to be obtained from Glentree Management


Application Fee of Rs 500/- to be collected

No Waiver of Admission Fee

25% Waiver of Tuition Fee for the 1st Year only and extended subject to review