NEP: Early Childhood Care and Education


NEP: Early Childhood Care and Education

Amidst the global shutdown and rising pandemic all the actors of the education industry are still processing the New Education Policy. With a lot of proposals some of them clear while many confusing, we had to do our part. We stepped in and now we’ve got the policy broken down clearly for all you readers. We have curated a six part blog series named “Decoding NEP”  where we pick up each block of the National Education Policy 2020 with a special speaker every week.

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The theme under which we would be reading today is “NEP:Early Childhood Care and Education”. For our final  episode, we brought on board Ms. Preethi Bhandary (Curriculum Director,Glentree Academy). Read on to find out what our expert had to say!

HOST: What is your opinion on the New Education Policy?

SPEAKER : The approval of the New education policy 2020 has started with a clear definition by renaming the MHRD (The ministry of Human resource development) as the Ministry of education.I am excited about Early childhood care and Education being given the recognition and importance to seamlessly being included in the schooling system and  most importantly we hope to see the new changes proposed are implemented.

HOST :What are your thoughts on the new change in the structure of our education system? How is it going to benefit children from the age group 3-6 years?

SPEAKER : I don’t see much change personally. In the metro cities, our educated parents do know the importance of Early childhood care and education. Even in 2 tier and 3 tier cities young parents do emphasize on the criticality of Early childhood education. With the Formalization of NEP policy, quality child education is ensured as the policy envisages holistic education for our young children.

HOST :With this change in the structure, how are the teachers going to be equipped with training and other necessary certification to meet the needs of the new structure?

SPEAKER : Teacher education is going to play a vital role. A new and comprehensive National curriculum framework for teacher education, NCFTE 2021, is proposed to be formulated by the NCTE in consultation with NCERT. There is still no clarity on teachers being trained specifically for Early childhood care and education. But I am sure to keep abreast with the 21st century needs, we will require a multidisciplinary perspective and knowledge development under the best mentors.

HOST :The most striking aspect in the policy is “achieving Foundational Literacy and Numeracy by 2025”. How is this going to be possible amongst preschool kids, with the new structure?

SPEAKER : NEP has taken into account all the domains of development. High priority is given to achieving foundational literacy and Numeracy skills by Grade 3, which is doable with a robust program which needs to be developed and accepted throughout the country across all sectors of society.

HOST :With the New Education Policy coming into effect, parents are still running from pillar to post with how and what the nitty-gritties of each proposal are, as an ardent educator what do you want to say to parents who are on the stage of transitioning into preschool or from pre-school? 

SPEAKER :First and foremost, parents need to acknowledge the fact that 85% of the child’s brain develops in the first five years and the inclusion of ECCE in NEP will set a solid base for the years ahead. So, parents need to understand and acknowledge as well that preschool education is very important.There is a clear emphasis on the all-round development and discovery-based learning for a child. Hence parents should look for programs or schools which have a holistic approach towards their child’s education.

Other than these two things, NEP policy has not committed to any major changes when it comes to child development. Their first goal is to prepare and invest in quality educators and focus on the new age teaching techniques.Parents of preschool children need not worry. Please remember children learn best only in a stress-free environment. Be it home or school. Let’s wait for the Ministry of education to start implementing the NEP. I am very confident that it is going to be a smooth and seamless transition.

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