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Mr. Vittal Bhandary is the pillar that holds the Glentree Schools focused on its vision to provide quality education in a happy environment. His constant efforts to upgrade the facilities to match today’s student demands has made Glentree a much sorted after school in Bangalore.

Joy of Learning

I recall as a child that I did not enjoy learning (as per our Indian definition, it was Subject learning alone), maybe because of the stress it laid on by-hearting and recalling. On the contrary, I enjoyed my Sports as it required me to completely engage myself. I am not sure if it all cropped up from the thought, but it has been in my unconscious mind to be part of a learning system where children just feel free and enjoy the learning without stressing about ‘marks’. Coupled with similar thoughts from Preeti about a ‘happy learning environment’, I envisioned Glentree. “Change is the end result of all true learning.” Leo Buscaglia. Change in the way we look at education is important. It is time to go beyond the STEM subjects, and provide all children an equally exciting place to explore their talents and skills. I just look for that offering in Glentree Academy. And ultimately as the famous footballer Pele says,’ Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” Joy of learning intrinsically motivates children to persevere and hence find success in all they do.
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Ms. Preeti Bhandary is a visionary who has done extensive work in the field of pre-schools. The Little Elly preschools boast of an in-house blended curriculum which encompasses aspects of the Waldorf as well as the Montessorian methodologies of teaching and learning, developed under her efficient guidance. As the Curriculum director, she diverts all her energy into building a learning environment where every child is happy. The same idea permeates the Glentree Schools as well.

Meaningful Progress

Research indicates that children who have involved parents are happier, healthier, well-adjusted and excel in their educational and extracurricular pursuits. In todays’ times, some children are leading ‘pressured lives’ and this is partly due to lack of quality (or even quantity) parenting time exercised by parents. We often find ourselves thinking about the past or the future and forget to enjoy the present moment. Somewhere in our lives the everyday crisis begins to consume our time and important things fall by the way side. Most of us juggle between various tasks and responsibilities and so do our children, jumping from school to coaching classes to activity classes. It is a common misconception that the void created by parental absence can be filled by such activities.