Glentree Academy operates on the philosophy of “Learning for Life”

‘The expert in anything was once a beginner.’ This is a critical message that every child needs to imbibe so as get intrinsically motivated to learn. Glentree believes in unlocking that path to seek expertise for every child’s successful future. Fun and learning go hand-in-hand in our schools, for only a happy child can learn. Participation is the focus and not competition. The curriculum is a holistic one which stresses on multiple strategies to learn like, Enquiry-based learning, game-based learning, activity-centric learning in a truly Constructivist approach. Every child is sensitized to multiple tools available today like, Robotics, Science labs, Math labs and English labs, in collaborative environments ensuring that the scope of learning is maximized in the presence of the ‘More knowledgable other’ student.

The values of Glentree are ingrained in the very logo- Learning for Life. School education plays an important role in shaping the value system of children as they imbibe a lot from the environment in their early stages specifically. When every aspect of the school consciously or unconsciously turns into a learning tool, strong value systems are built in the child promising  to be a true citizen and a great human being. We strive to create such an environment through our ELE (Environment as a learning element).

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