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Glentree Academy Sarjapur Road

Glentree Academy - Sarjapur Road, housed in a sprawling green campus is strategically located within the Heart of the City. The School is proposed to be affiliated to CBSE and IGCSE (Cambridge) The values of Glentree Academy are rightly embedded in its motto, “Learning for Life”. The focus is on what matters the most - involving the child with everyday experiences that enable them to understand and interact with the world around them. The holistic academic curriculum, combined with the varied extracurricular activities ensures that learning at Glentree Academy is not only fun, but is also well - balanced and suitably challenging for all. “To provide an environment that is engaging and responsive to each child.”



What today’s children need…
You are reading this article online; you are in the digital era!
The technology dependence has hit us all, the old as well as the young. As adults we still have the ability to try and refrain ourselves but for children it is a never ending battle. The temptation to be hooked on to the gadgets is too high and the will power to divert the mind towards things involving human interaction, creative or physical activities is too low. This is leading to passive lifestyle, lack in social and emotional development and various health issues.
In such a scenario, schools have a huge responsibility of filling that gap and providing ample opportunities for face to face interaction, where the children are able to share their emotions, feelings, ideas and thoughts. The school needs to focus on moving the students from passive consumers to active creators.
Today’s children’s needs are not just intellectual but also psychological and social. As a Head of the Institution, teachers not only play a crucial role in the intellectual development of students but also help to build the personality of the students, aiding them in their academic as well as personal growth. Keeping this in mind I encourage every teacher in my school to create a positive teacher-student bonding and address these needs in every child to motivate them to maximize the learning potential.
At Glentree Academy, the Learning for Life Curriculum integrates all the developmental domains with academic learning. This kind of balanced learning not only meets their developmental needs but also make the children be inquisitive learners and deep thinkers. In this fast-paced era, children should be mentally strong and equip themselves to face all challenges and hurdles of life and schools should ensure to make them strong global citizens. I strongly believe that only experiences can provide the opportunities which will aid in self-development. As Dr.Abdul Kalam said “The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise…” And that’s what we will strive for.

Sowmia Raguraman


Pre-Primary (NUR – UKG)

Montessori and Waldorf methodologies
Activity based learning
Language, Numeracy and Theme
Value Education
Reading Program
Montessori Lab

Primary (Grade I-IV)

Exploring Through Discovery
Multi-sensory Activities
Experiential Learning
Inter Disciplinary Approach
Language Arts (English, Hindi, Kannada)
Math, Science and ICT
R.E.A.D Program
Connecting the Dots" Interdisciplinary Program
Regular Assessments
Bi-annual Exams

Middle and High School (Grade V-X)

Exploring through learning project method, creative thinking, research & technology.
Community Learning
Language Arts (English,Hindi,Kannada)
Math, Science and ICT
Social Studies
"Connecting the Dots" Interdisciplinary Program
Regular Assessments
Bi-annual Exams




Documents to be submitted
500 Per application
  • Duly Filled Application Form*
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • 6 Passport Size Photographs
  • Previous Years' Report Card
  • Address Proof
  • Transfer Certificate/School Leaving Certificate
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card




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Admission Criteria

The applications submitted would be shortlisted and candidates selected for interview will be informed at the earliest. Please ensure prompt arrival at the venue on the scheduled date of interview. Admission will be based on the following criteria:

Nursery To Grades 5:

On commencement of the admission processes, the school will schedule meetings with the Grade Teacher/ Head of Section for us to understand the child and for parents to have a better understanding of our learning approach. Following this the Provisional Admission letters are issued to students.

Grades 6 and above:

Students will go through a milestone mapping session.

Sports Scholarship


Applicable to students from Grade 5 who have represented a recognised sport at the state or national level

Documents Required

Proof of participation in the last 2 years at State / National Level competitions – Approval to be obtained from Glentree Management.


Application Fee of Rs 500/- to be collected

No Waiver of Admission Fee

25% Waiver of Tuition Fee for the 1st Year only and extended subject to review

Merit Scholarship


Applicable to academically bright students who are migrating to Glentree. Academy from other neighborhood schools from Grade 6 to Grade 9

Documents Required

Progress Report of the previous school evidencing high academic performance at the Internal Assessment Test in Glentree Academy – Approval to be obtained from Glentree Management


Application Fee of Rs 500/- to be collected

No Waiver of Admission Fee

25% Waiver of Tuition Fee for the 1st Year only and extended subject to review