Teacher – A Role Model

A teacher as a good role model can really help shape the way children grow beyond the subject!

Even today, after so many years of passing out of school, I remember my teachers with fondness. If someone asks me my favorite I’d be able to recall not just the name, but every minute detail of what subject she taught, how she taught, what she wore and why the subject she taught was my favorite.

Why shouldn’t such a person be a role model then? The children are going to learn some major life teachings from this person after all. That is why young children always love and admire their teachers and want to become like him/her.

Here are a few reasons how teachers are a great role models to our kids.

Foster Parent

A toddler will probably start his schooling journey from the age of 2-3 years.  Initially it is going to be difficult for you as well as your child to accept the separation as well as the affection and attention being offered by a completely new person. But this person is likely going to end up spending a lot more time with your child than yourself. So, why not teach your child to trust his/her teacher. A teacher is anyway a foster parent for any child as she will be looking to them for advice and counseling. A teacher will, in fact, be asked more questions by the child than she asks her parents.

Spends Majority of time:

In today’s world, with the advent of preschools, toddlers spend a large part  of their day at school. And it has been proven that a child picks up the habits of people he spends time with. Since his teacher is always going to be around him, it would be best to teach your child to consider their teacher as their role model and pick up his/her good habits.

A Real Person

Instead of having a celebrity or any famous person as a role model, wouldn’t it be better to idolize someone we meet and greet every day? Children see and imitate their teachers from a very young age. A teacher is a person whom kids can easily relate to. So she definitely possesses the potential to be a role model.

Guide, trainer, friend

A teacher is someone, who is not only going to teach the students new things but also be a guide and a trainer who shows the right way and helps when things are going wrong. A teacher is also a friend who will tell your child what he needs to hear instead of telling him what he wants to hear. Isn’t that the perfect combination of a role model? Someone who can be a guide, trainer, and be a friend, packaged into one person?


Do you remember when you realized what you wanted to do with your life? What should your career be? I can definitely recall that my favorite subject had always been English. And see where I am today! It has become my bread and butter now. If it had not been my favorite teacher and my favorite subject, I’d be signing a different tune today. But I’m sure I would not have been as happy or as satisfied. It is therefore, during the early years and during school time that one realizes what they want to become in life. This realization will come through a teacher and the subject that he/she teaches. Why shouldn’t this person be a role model then? He/she is shaping our life and our careers more than we realize!

It is a sad fact that teachers aren’t given the due respect they deserve. Maybe we can bring that change and it is high time this change is realized!

We and the generations before us failed to realize the status of teachers, but we can and must teach the current and future generations to treat the teachers the right way and give them their long overdue respect.

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