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Learing Is Not a Race For Inforamation, it's Walk To Discovery at Glentree Academy

Our Activities

Active Learning

We encourage active learning where students are grouped and engaged in activities such as reading, writing, problem solving and discussion that promote analysis, evaluation and synthesis of class content.

Many Games

The children are allowed to partake in games to ensure physical vitality and growth while pushing towards learning co-ordination and team work.

Best Learning

With the best facilities, top infrastructure and teaching staff available, the learning given to the children is of the highest grade and provides leverage to maximise their potential.

Travelling Services

The best in class bus facility with GPS tracker, CCTV and maid ensures the safety of kids ( especially the little women ) and also reduces the time spent in travel so that they can pursue their studies and aspirations.

Clean Classes

The well maintained class-rooms and special rooms such as Montessori labs and the IT labs are maintained impeccably so that the students can make good use of their time in pursuing the latest in technologies and allows for an ill-free student community.

Personal Care

Individual attention is provided to each student's needs and communication is maintained with parents over issues and resolution steps are communicated instantly.

About Glentree Academy

Glentree has been an idea, a dream in a seed form for a long time.

We commenced in 2007, with Little Elly – the Concept Preschool at Bellandur, Bangalore with the guidance of Glentree, UK (frontrunners in kid’s education since the last decade). Little Elly Preschool has been persistently expanding throughout South and Western India, with a record of more than 110 centers at present.

Our experience has proven that children thrive in beautiful places where life skills are taught through close connections to nature, where they happily learn conventional skills while playing in an environment that encourages ideas to be wild and free.

By taking time to articulate our work,we have been able to create a platform for advancing our vision: “Glentree Academy – Learning for Life.”

We intend to go back to focusing on what matters the most – involving the child with everyday experiences that enable them to understand and interact with the world around them. Our purpose is to champion a model of learning that connects the timeless lessons from nature to a relevant and effective preparation for a fast – changing future.


Our Programs

See what programs we offer at Glentree Academy


The nursery program empowers the kids to gain learning abilities.The nursery helps the kids learn the ropes for writing,reading,social,maths and science.


The LKG program focusses on the kids social abilities.The key idea is to build interaction with classmates, teachers and the social diaspora.


The UKG program is a stepping stone to the school syllabus and is a skill-based program.The program prepares the child for peer-to-peer interaction and teachers.

Grade 1 to 10

The Grades 1-10 represent the most crucial phases of a child's life. We encourage curiousity and helps in preparation for their future lives.

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