Hobby Club

It is a well-known fact that all the kids have innate talents and hobbies but, at times it goes unnoticed. The Hobby Club here at Glentree Academy ensures that every student’s talent is recognised and the student is given an open opportunity to expand their talent. The Hobby Club remains active throughout the year and this gives the student ample time inside the school premises to work on their hobbies and pursue them without any boundaries. 


Literary Club

The Literary Club is the brainchild of The Department of English at Glentree Academy. The love for the language and enthusiasm exhibited by students have precipitated into the formation of the Literary Club at Glentree Academy. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of literature and increase their literary skills. The Literary Club aims not just at refining the reading and writing skills of the students but also encourages out of the box thinking which is the mother of all amazing fiction and fantasy writings. One of the sole objectives is to promote literary zeal and develop a flair for the language


Quiz and Debate Club

To facilitate extensive research and analytical thinking by tapping the students’ natural talent for arguing and to develop their oracy skills, the club offers various techniques and activities. To encourages the students to share their perspective and at the same time understand others, have opinions based on facts and present them confidently.

Quizzing and questioning each other encourages the students to become more informed about the history, the political and global affairs and brush up their general knowledge. The Quiz and Debate Club at Glentree Academy helps the students to ensure that they have the right wisdom and speak the facts with compassion and grace.

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